2024 BMW 5 Series Caught With Grille Display In New Spy Photos

2024 BMW 5 Series Caught With Grille Display In New Spy Photos

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BMW isn’t shy about showing off its camouflaged test vehicles in public. That’s why we have so many sightings that it can sometimes start many years before debut. This particular moment caught the next-gen Series 5 up close, but this time the thick covering behind the camo wrap is mostly gone.

That means we get to see some fresh details on the face of the sedan, especially with the grille. Compared to the current model, it really hasn’t changed much. The vertical bar is clearly visible now, and if you look closely you’ll see an almost identical outline to the current 5er. There’s a little more angle to the top corner, and the corner at the bottom corner is shallower. As a result, the grille is slightly lower into the fascia but not too much.

We were also treated to clear shots of the headlights, which on this prototype look like production specs. They’ll be slimmer, though not like the ones we saw in the 7 Series. That means we don’t expect a split-light configuration, a controversial feature on BMW’s flagship sedan. It could have a square chin like the Series 7, because we can create a similar vertical line under the camouflage at the corners of the fascia.

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There are no markings on this prototype identifying it as a hybrid or fully electric vehicle. We know BMW will be offering the new 5 Series in both formats as well as internal combustion only. In fact, we caught all three powertrains in one sighting back in March, with the only distinguishing feature between them being the clear markings identifying what’s hidden under the skin. Most likely, the car seen here is a standard edition 5 Series that packs a combustion engine with an exhaust tucked away neatly under the car.

We haven’t heard anything new regarding any particular power output or interior design. We got a glimpse of the Series 5’s largely enclosed interior in late 2021, and as you’d expect, it’s going to receive a major digital makeover with screens galore. For performance enthusiasts, we heard the new M5 could pack 700 horsepower with a plug-in hybrid setup.

Even though you’ve been looking at prototypes for almost a year, don’t expect to reveal them anytime soon. Our sources say the camo could come off in the first quarter of 2023, starting with the standard 5 Series for the 2024 model year. Various iterations of the hybrid and hot M5 will follow later.

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