5 SUVs that interest you and that could occupy your garage in 2023

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Whether we like it more or we like it less, the reality is none other than a constantly booming SUV segment. This is how brands constantly remind us with the presentation of more and more members of this segment, and it seems that the year 2023 is not going to be any different. With this premise on the table, the best we can do is meet 5 new SUVs that will be present next year and that could occupy your garage.

And the good thing about the segment we are dealing with is that is available for all tastes and pockets. Thus, in 2023 you can also share a new general SUV or, if the portfolio allows it, go to the highest echelon and spend six figures on the most luxurious and sporty one possible.

Peugeot 408, the SUV coupé that wants to steal Arkana’s position

Although it is true that to date the car that was benefiting from the great cake of the generalist SUV coupé was the Renault Arkana, now it arrives peugeot with the 408. We are talking about a new model that takes the Peugeot 308 as its starting point, both by design and by technology and engines.

In addition to working very well in these three aspects, the 408 has a very important asset compared to its main rival: a plug-in hybrid engine. Thus, and playing with the ZERO label, the SUV of the lion has many chances to take a large part of the cake depending, mainly, on the prices it has for the Spanish market.

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Volvo EX90, the premium 100% electric SUV and ideal for the whole family

It’s no secret that Volvo strongly advocates electrification, and it shows with the forthcoming Volvo EX90. We are talking about a premium SUV that will coexist with the XC90 and that will settle as the electric flagship, and that promises to hurt models like the BMW iX or Audi e-tron.

for now, the Swedish firm has not issued official images of the EX90, but we already know the Polestar 3, a model that will be closely related to its Volvo cousin. In this way, the electric SUV segment will become very interesting in 2023.

SsangYong Torres, the Korean Jeep that wants to break the market in 2023

Another brand that is stepping on the accelerator a lot is, without a doubt, SsangYong. And it is that the Korean firm already presented Torres a few months ago, a product that promises to become a super-seller in the SUV segment thanks to its groundbreaking design, technological load and the existence of a 100% electric version later on.

Of course, its price is yet to be known, although if it is minimally affordable it can do a lot of damage not only to the European competition with which the brand is already used to dealing, but also to the powerful Chinese offensive that is already in the old continent.

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Ferrari Purosangue, if money is not a problem…

For many a sin, for a few others the best SUV of the moment. Be that as it may, the new Ferrari Purosangue leaves no one indifferent, least of all the wealthiest. And it is that although it is true that it is not suitable for all pockets, we are surely facing one of the best SUVs of the moment, and most importantly: surely before the most special.

And yes, it is an SUV, and yes, it has sports benefits; but in the end we find ourselves in its entrails with everything an atmospheric V12 capable of yielding 725 hp and 716 Nm of torquewhich translates into a 0 to 100 in 3.3 seconds and a top speed of 310 km/h.

Kia EV9, the electric SUV that promises to be a success

A brand that has been standing out for a long time and doing a lot of damage to Europeans is Kia, and more so with its electric offensive. The firm, aware of this, does not plan to stop now, quite the opposite. And it gives proof of this with the imminent Kia EV9, a fully electric SUV that will have capacity for seven occupants.

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At the moment there are few details that are known about the new member of Kia, but it will be available throughout the year 2023. Be that as it may, its main asset will be good value for money hand in hand with autonomy ranges considerably higher than what we are used to today in real driving.