Chinese cars hit where it hurts Europe the most, in the field of security

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We recently opened a new series of articles that, hopefully, will generate a reflection on the emergence of Chinese cars, with a fairly blunt statement, that your next car could be Chinese and it would not be, in any case, a drama. We started from the analysis of the landing of MG, once a British historical manufacturer, which has re-emerged with a balanced combination of technological and electrical products, but also affordable products with gasoline engines, manufactured in all cases in China, very far from the Longbridge factory. .

We anticipate that in just a few days we will witness a new coup by Chinese manufacturers, with the opening of a Paris Motor Show in which European brands will fight for the attention of the journalist, and buyers, against a whole wave of brands of origin, capital, and Chinese production. Brands such as BYD, Ora and WEY (of Great Wall Motors), will reveal their plans in Europe and that, in effect, their product is mature enough to be measured face to face, even with host brands such as Peugeot or Renault.

However, the surprise has already begun to jump in the EuroNCAP tests, in which there is an increasing presence of Chinese brands and products made in China. Are Chinese cars safe?

More and more Chinese brand cars, manufactured in China, reach 5 EuroNCAP stars

BYD’s electric SUV achieves 5 EuroNCAP stars

As happened in the past with the Koreans, the Chinese will have to convince the European customer that their cars are reliable, but also safe. Two aspects that, without a doubt, worry the European driver. Thus, in the last series of EuroNCAP qualifications we have found five stars for the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer, for the BMW X1, for the Mercedes EQE, the SEAT Arona and the Ibiza and the Volkswagen Golf, but also with BYD’s first EuroNCAP five-star, a new SUV to be marketed as BYD ATTO 3.

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There has been worse luck for two products of European brands that are manufactured in China, the Citroën C5 X, produced in China in the factories of the Dongfeng Peugeot-Citroën Automobile joint venture, and the Mobilize Limo, an electric sedan for VTC and car-sharing services. , which is produced in China at the Renault-Jiangling factories.

The BYD ATTO 3 achieved the coveted five EuroNCAP stars, demonstrating that, at the very least, it is up to par with its European rivals, not only for its results in the impact tests, but also for its provision of standard safety systems, which each have more weight in the EuroNCAP rating.

This BYD victory joins other important news that we knew just a few days ago. The car rental company SIXT has confirmed the purchase of a total of 100,000 electric cars from BYD, which will reach its fleet in the coming years (Automotive News).

In addition to BYD ATTO 3, ORA Funky Cat and WEY Coffe 01 have also achieved five EuroNCAP stars in recent months

Great Wall Motors already adds two 5-star EuroNCAP cars

But if we look back we should find the reason why BYD’s results should not surprise us. From Great Wall Motors, one of the manufacturers that rivals the giant BYD in China, and which will now do the same in Europe, we have two other products, the ORA Funky Cat and the WEY Coffe 01, which also achieved five EuroNCAP stars in the previous unlock qualifications.

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On that occasion, EuroNCAP not only welcomed the good performance that the Chinese are showing in the tests, but also pointed out that More Chinese car crash tests and ratings will now be conducted than in the entire history of EuroNCAP. The landing of Chinese manufacturers in Europe is already a reality and there will be more and more products made in China, also from historic European brands, for sale at dealerships.

In recent years, the Lynk&Co 01, and the NIO ES8 have also achieved five EuroNCAP stars, as well as the MG Marvel R achieved four EuroNCAP stars.

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