Escape from the police in Pontevedra, in a Derbi Variant tricked out to reach 144.6 km/h!

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We knew that the Derbi Variant can be tricky. And that, behind their moped appearance of the late seventies and early eighties, they could hide many surprises.

But to the surprise the one who found the Poio Local Police, in Pontevedra. That he identified a neighbor driving recklessly and at high speed on a moped. To the point that the person responsible for the recklessness could not be identified until a few days later.

The vehicle was inspected and moved to an ITV center to check the modifications that its owner had made.

The user of this Derbi Variant escaped from the police and was located days later

A souped-up Derby Variant

In a moped like this, which to be considered as such must not exceed a cylinder capacity of 50 cm3nor a maximum speed greater than 45 km/h, he found that the engine had been prepared at 74 cm3 and that technically it could reach 144.6 km / h. Some technical characteristics under which this vehicle should be considered a motorcycle.

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As it could not be less, the vehicle was immobilized and the driver not only faces several infractions of the General Vehicle Regulations, and the absence of compulsory insurance, but also an alleged crime of false documentation.

Font: Poio Local Police