Even if you don’t need it, this video teaches you how to drive a truck’s 18-speed manual gearbox

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It is possibly a question that you have never asked yourself, as long as you do not work in the heavy transport sector. How do gearboxes work in a truck? In modern trucks, modern robotic gears are used, but in older trucks and especially across the pond, they are still used manual gearbox with up to 18 ratios. Those 18 relationships are managed with a single lever whose legend is intimidating. However, this Mexican truck driver is going to explain to us perfectly how this peculiar change works.

East change eaton of a kenworth It is relatively easy to handle: the oldest trucks had three levers for the same functions, which here are brought together in a single mechanism thanks to certain hydraulic automatisms. What you should know is that there are two sets of four gears – equivalent to eight different relationships – and within each of these eight relationships, there is one short and long version. To switch between the short and long versions of the same gear, use the multiplier, a knob located to the left of the lever.

No, driving a truck is not like driving a car. The optimum range of engine rotation is very limited.

To switch between the low and high gears, a tab located behind the lever, called the converter, is moved. It sounds complicated, and in part it is, but the trucker’s video explains it perfectly with practical examples. But there are two more relations: an ultra low gear to move a loaded truck – with short and long gear – and a reverse gear, also short and long. In total, 18 forward relationships and two backward relationships. We will talk about changing gears without using the clutch another day.

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