How to get a job at Tesla remotely from Mexico? (+Requirements)

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Get a job at Tesla remotely from Mexico
Image courtesy of Milenio – Getting a job at Tesla remotely from Mexico

If you are passionate about cars and are looking for a job, today is your lucky day. And it is that, the manufacturer of electric cars, Teslahas opened an offer of different vacancies of I work remotely to complete your team Mexico.

The company founded by Elon Musk, is found searching in Mexico to a series of professionals who can work as: purchasing manager, supplier industrialization engineer, technical project manager and senior global trade compliance analyst.

Therefore, if you are interested in any of these remote job offers, read on to find out what the requirements are and where you can apply for the job offer.

Purchasing manager

He is responsible for the development, negotiation and management of contract manufacturing partners for Tesla existing and developing. Among the activities to be carried out are:

  • Develop, negotiate, and execute parts and assembly cost strategy.
  • Drive continuous cost reduction and avoidance initiatives through ad hoc price negotiations.
  • Lead on-site management of contract manufacturing partners to manage development builds, risk mitigation, and ramp to comply with Tesla Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Assess technical and business risks through data-based analysis data and the development of robust risk mitigation alternatives.
  • Supervise material planning (clear to build), inventory control, analysis and projections of excess and obsolete (E&O), preparation of materials for new products, logistics preparation of the companies of level 2/3 that supply the parts to the companies level 1/2.
  • Conduct all communications, up and down through the organization; pose key issues and options for resolution to the executive team.
  • Influence product manufacturing capacity, testing capacity, and supply chain responsiveness in pursuit of low cost and flexibility, while managing quality.
  • Develop key performance measures for chosen providers and negotiate on multiple variables to award longer-term strategic contracts that result in significant cost reductions and improved service levels.
  • Manage the relationships and performance of the respective suppliers, including, but not limited to, the resolution of disputes. Executive management reports.
  • Create and maintain reports and summaries on a regular (weekly/daily) basis to support business growth.


  • More than three years of experience in supply chain management. Knowledge of any of the following is preferred: mechanical subassemblies, housings, castings, plastics, grinding, stamping, CNC, mills, lathes, etc.
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to work in multinational environments. As well as strong interpersonal skills and ability to present to management.
  • An understanding of cost concepts, cost reduction, modeling, etc. is preferred.
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office applications, particularly Microsoft Excel.
  • Results oriented and attention to detail.
  • Driven and motivated by achieving world class goals.
  • Experience in manufacturing, process engineering or product development.
  • Ability to multitask, prioritize and work in an extremely fast paced environment.
  • Possibility of traveling frequently In the following link you can apply.
Get a job at Tesla remotely from Mexico
Get a job at Tesla remotely from Mexico

Supplier industrialization engineer TLA/PCBA

Tasks to do:

  • Conduct and implement Design for Manufacturing (DFM) feedback.
  • On-time delivery performance of suppliers and Supplier Quality performance.
  • Production capacity of suppliers (operations management).
  • Leading vendor improvements in scalability, cost, and quality.
  • Facilitate communication and clarification of technical requirements between suppliers and Tesla’s purchasing, quality, and design teams.
  • Collaborate with Tesla Design, Quality and Manufacturing to determine ideal performance specifications and supplier metrics.
  • Guide suppliers in developing exceptionally robust processes and procedures to promote the efficient and trouble-free production of high-quality products.
  • Validate supplier corrective actions involving design and/or process changes to ensure they are robust, sustainable, and implemented for similar potential issues on manufacturing lines and/or suppliers.
  • Provide information on new or alternative materials to improve design, manufacturing capacity, or cost reduction.
  • Responsible for supplier audits to ensure their ability to meet part performance, delivery and reliability expectations.
  • Responsible for leading, tracking and improving supplier manufacturing process development and preparation for new product launches and design changes.


  • Bachelor of Electrical or Mechanical Engineering
  • Practical Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Design for Assembly (DFA) experience
  • 6sigma practical experience
  • Solid knowledge of statistical applications.
  • Mechanical background with statistical tolerance analysis, design quality evaluation and improvement technique.
  • DFSS experience desired. Experience in supplier management and development.
  • Self-motivated and the ability to work independently.
  • Hands on and ready to work in a fast-paced environment.
  • Domestic and international travel (expected 50% of the time) is required to interact with CMs, sometimes on short notice.

If you wish to apply for the vacancy, you can do so at here.

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Technical project manager

The technical project manager is the vehicle system technician for the service supply chain, and should be responsible for:

  • Lead the implementation of new vehicle parts in the service supply chain, in collaboration with the engineering, demand planning, materials planning and GSM teams.
  • Partner with Design Engineering to develop serviceable BOM for new vehicles, derived from engineering and CAD BOM to determine which parts of the vehicle will be serviced and implemented in the service supply chain.
  • Review all Engineering and Manufacturing vehicle changes to determine cost, operations, and supply chain impact on the Service organization Technical analysis of part design changes to determine substitution ratios and backward compatibility , and collaborate with Design Engineering to implement changes to reduce supply chain complexity.
  • Collaborate with service engineers and engineering technicians to test new designs for serviceability
  • Perform end-of-life part analysis to reduce obsolescence and identify the most cost-effective supply continuity strategies, and work with planning and business teams to implement them.
  • Support quality and reliability analysis efforts and part design iteration.
  • Create, structure, and maintain service bills of material and part attribute values.
  • Act as an advocate and technical liaison for the Service organization in Design and Manufacturing Engineering NPI activities

The requirements of this position must be consulted with the company, but you can apply through the official page.

I work at Tesla remotely from Mexico
I work at Tesla remotely from Mexico

PCBA supplier industrialization engineer

The activities to be carried out by the industrialization engineer consist of carrying out and implementing design for manufacturing (DFM) comments, the on-time delivery performance of the suppliers, and also the quality performance of the supplier. As well as taking care of the production capacity of suppliers (operations management).


  • Bachelor’s degree in industrial, electrical or mechanical engineering
  • Practical Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Design for Assembly (DFA) experience
  • 6 sigma practical experience
  • Solid knowledge of statistical applications
  • Mechanical background with statistical tolerance analysis
  • Background of PCBA manufacturing process with practical experience (SMT and Thru Hole)
  • AIAG Core Tools Experience
  • Strong understanding of IATF-16949. Experience in supplier management and development
  • Self-motivated and the ability to work independently
  • Hands on and ready to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Excellent spoken and written English
  • Domestic and international travel required (expected 50% of the time) to engage with CMs, sometimes on short notice

In the next link you can apply.

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Senior Global Trade Compliance Analyst

Among the activities to be carried out for the position are: Investigate, summarize and provide strategic information on the processes, policies and regulations of global trade. HTS classification and country of origin determination, as well as support for Tesla Free Trade Agreement and Special Trade Program operations.

You must also identify and execute opportunities to increase bandwidth through automation and optimization of business processes. As well as completing special projects as needed, including preparing executive level presentations.


  • Experience with US and Mexican import/export procedures and regulations, ensuring smooth and compliant shipment crossings. Bilingual fluency in English and Spanish (preferred)
  • Experience in import operations free trade agreements and qualifications. Import/Export Compliance Audit Programs
  • Classification Expert (HTS – Harmonized Tariff Schedule) Experience filing CBP rulings Experience responding to CBP requests for information… CF28s
  • Licensed customs broker (preferred)
  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field of study or equivalent experience
  • Experience with ERP implementation: systems and operational workflow design
  • Ability to communicate clearly with technical and non-technical audiences
  • Able to create written reports, proposals, processes and project documentation
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and deliver high-quality results.
  • Exceptional analytical skills regarding financial analysis, data manipulation, and the ability to create actionable insights from data
  • Advanced command of Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Visio

To apply for the offer you can go to

If you want to know more jobs available, you can go directly to the page of Tesla.

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I work at Tesla remotely from Mexico
I work at Tesla remotely from Mexico

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