Lincoln Dealers Have Until Dec 15 To Decide On A $900k EV Investment

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Lincoln dealers looking to sell a new electric vehicle will need to make a sizeable investment in infrastructure to support the product. That investment could be close to $1 million for top dealers, and they have December 15 to decide yes or no.

This is part of Ford’s presentation to dealers in Las Vegas, according to Automotive News. Specifically, a $900,000 investment in registered chargers and equipment for high-volume Lincoln dealer locations in large markets. That fee should include two DC fast chargers and seven low-power Level 2 chargers, along with all the additional items and training required to run them. Dealers in smaller markets are required to install one DC charger and four Level 2s at an estimated cost of $500,000.

Of course, the other option is not to invest at all. In that case, Lincoln dealers won’t be able to sell any EVs, which isn’t a big deal right now since the luxury brand doesn’t offer fully electric vehicles. For dealers who opt out, there will be a second chance to commit to an EV investment in 2026.

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If any of this sounds a little familiar, it’s because Ford provides its dealer network with nearly the same options. The deadline is October 31 and investment is generally slightly higher, but the message is the same: commit to an electric future or lose the ability to sell electric cars.

This is where it might get a little tricky for dealers selling Ford and Lincoln vehicles together. There is no combo deal for dealers investing in both. That means dealers who opt for the highest-level certification for Ford and Lincoln EVs could spend more than $2.4 million to make it happen – $900,000 for Lincoln and another $1.5 million for Ford. There are cheaper options, but that also lowers the allocation of vehicles for sale by dealers. And the required charger will be installed and stored separate for use by every customer of the brand.

Based on Automotive News, there are 650 Lincoln dealerships in the US with 252 located in high-volume areas. We have contacted Lincoln to confirm this information and for additional clarity on investments for dealers selling Ford and Lincoln vehicles. We’ll jump in with updates as more information becomes available.

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