Macabre – teenager crashes after persecution: they found the body of his mother in the trunk of the vehicle

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The incident took place in Texas, where the teenager was arrested by the police after the impressive encounter.

A terrible event took place in Texas, United Statesrecently when a teenager was arrested by the police for speeding on the highway. After doing the usual search inside the car, the police officers found the body of her mother inside.

According to the details given to the press, the macabre incident occurred last Friday, when they gave notice of a car that, possibly, was involved in a homicide and was about to leave the state of Texas.

In this way, the police promptly launched an active search for the suspect and in the first attempt to stop it, it refused, increasing the speed considerably. That was how a intense police chasereaching speeds exceeding 170 kilometers per hour.

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Before the dangerous maneuvers, the young man had a traffic accident, crashing into one of the road’s retaining barriers. According to Nebraska police, she suffered “serious but non-fatal injuries” which allowed his capture.

After the accident, the young man was arrested at the scene and upon inspecting the vehicle, They found the whereabouts of Michelle Roenza 49-year-old woman and mother of the now investigated for homicide.

The autopsy determined that The victim died of strangulation and head trauma.presuming that it would be a blow with a «blunt object«.

“Once the authorities interview the teenager, who was traveling with the body, charges are expected to be filed against him for homicide,” stated Thomas Gilliland, deputy for Harris County, Texas.

Another antecedent of the case is that both, both the mother and the son were reported missing since last Thursday, complaint that was made by the adolescent’s father.

Also, The young man already had a criminal record, since in March 2022He was charged with sexual assault against an 18-year-old girl.

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