Mercedes Flips On Its Own After Driver Fails While Backing Up

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With cameras everywhere recording all the time, it was inevitable that they would catch people and their flub. Dashboard cameras, security cameras and smartphones have proven to be a boon to internet entertainment where the world and its warts are on full display. Such cameras have also captured numerous vehicle distractions, and a new security video posted to r/IdiotsInCars Reddit shows a driver’s embarrassing attempt.

Security camera footage shows a woman getting into a Mercedes sedan, and it doesn’t take long for her to make a mistake. The front wheel of the car was turned, so when the Mercedes started to reverse, it also started to spin. However, the driver made no attempt to fix it, backing the car, causing the front tire to hit what appeared to be a washing machine.

This is where things go from bad to worse. The driver got out of the car and tried to move the washing machine, but it got stuck, probably wedged between the car tire and the column, and didn’t move. He climbed back into the car to straighten the wheels before heading back out in another attempt to move the engine. He struggled, walked away, and came back before trying again, tugging at her a few times before he pushed her out of the car.

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However, once the washer is free, the sedan begins to roll backwards, still backing away. The driver forgot to put the transmission in the park before exiting. He chased after her, grabbing the open driver’s door in a futile attempt to stop the Mercedes from rolling, but he couldn’t slow it down, much less stop it. The car rolled backwards, slid into another building and fell into the alley between them. The video ends with the car’s headlights flashing on the camera.

Understanding where your car is in relation to things around it is essential for safe and effective defensive driving. The driver missed several opportunities to avoid colliding with the washing machine and jamming the car. Straightening the wheels would have avoided a lot of hassle, but it happened late and with no car transmission in the parking lot. The whole situation could have been much worse.

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