MG breathes power into its range of electric cars and will advance you the €7,000 of the MOVES Plan

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The price of the electric car, the requirements that it demands for its buyers – such as having a recharging point and therefore a garage in which to install it – as well as the difficulties and delays in granting aid are, without a doubt, a slab that hinders the advance of electric power in Spain.

Fortunately, in recent weeks we are seeing how a brand tries to deal with all these problems. MG is ready to bust the market. First, launching an electric compact, the MG4 Electric, which is priced at a compact diesel or gasoline. Second, trying to facilitate the purchase of its customers by advancing the €7,000 in help from the MOVES Plan.

But what is the advance proposed by MG?

MG will advance up to €7,000 of the aid from the MOVES Plan, with a 12-month loan, with an 11-month grace period and no interest

Advance the €7,000 of the MOVES Plan

MG has prepared a plan whereby customers who purchase any of its electric vehicleswhich include the MG ZS EV, MG Marvel R, MG5 and the new MG4, will receive an advance of €4,500 and up to €7,000, with delivery of a vehicle over 7 years old. Just as the aid of the MOVES Plan is also available for plug-in hybrids, the MG EHS customer may also receive an advance of €2,500 of aid and up to €5,000, in the event that they deliver a vehicle that is more than 7 years old. antiquity.

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The advance of the aid is actually a consumer loan, for the amount of the MOVES Plan assistance that the client may receive. And it will be available to those buyers who finance the purchase of their car. The interesting thing is that this loan, with a 12-month term and 11-month grace period, has a 0% interest rate. With which the client will receive, in practice, an advance of the aid for 12 months, waiting for these to be granted and become effective. And by having this liquidity, the amount to be financed to acquire the car will be lower and, therefore, the interest that will be charged on the financing will be lower.

Let us remember that with the help of the MOVES Plan and the discounts, the MG4 sale price It currently stands at €21,280.

MG joins other brands that are facilitating the advancement of MOVES Plan aid through one-year interest-free loans, such as Hyundai and Mazda

Faced with the delay in aid, brands turn to the advance

MG is not the only brand that has opted for this solution. Mazda also advances the MOVES Plan for the acquisition of its electric car, the Mazda MX-30, again with a consumer loan for 12 months, without interest. Hyundai has also provided an advance of the MOVES Plan, for 12 months, without interest and with a grace period of 8 months, available not only for its electric models, such as the Hyundai Kona, but also for its plug-in hybrids, such as the Tucson, Santa Fe and IONIQ.

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