MX: father of a family kills his 1-year-old baby by running over him and running over him with his car

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A father of a family caused an accident in which he took the life of his 1-year-old baby.

In El Paso, Mexico, officials from the Police Department reported to the press some details of the death of a baby who was accidentally run over by his fatherin events that occurred on the block 8700 Cathedral Circlein the Lower Valley.

Police sources reported that the terrible event took place around 10 in the morning, when the father of the one-year-old boy, he was about to leave the house in your car.

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Likewise, it was reported that the wife and son of the 27-year-old man would be found gathered on the driver’s side of the vehicle, at the entrance to the residence, at the time of the events. And it was just at that moment when he was about to leave that the boy got loose being run over by the Jeep Wrangler, model 2015.

Despite the boy was transported by his father to a nearby hospitaldid not resist and a few minutes later he was reported dead because of the injuries he received.

EPPD reported that the ongoing investigation is being carried out by special detectives traffic, who investigate the details of the fatality.

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