Next Generation Volvo XC90 Accurately Rendered After Patent Image

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Volvo launched the second-generation XC90 more than eight years ago and it can be said that the midsize luxury SUV has aged gracefully. It still looks relatively fresh even though it’s been around for quite a while during the period almost all of its competitors have switched to the next generation model. A successor is inevitable and last week we took a good one (though not directly) see it through the patent drawing. This has now been changed to an unofficial rendering.

Looks quite familiar, the XC90 seems to be a pure electric model judging from the closed front grille. The overall exterior styling won’t be a significant change and should have some hints of Polestar design. Pop-out door handles and a new look on Volvo’s traditional upright taillights are for this new model.

Rendering of the next generation Volvo XC90 based on patent images

Volvo says the next-generation vehicle will get a real name rather than an alphanumeric designation. Geely’s marque says the first letters will be vowels, with some reports claiming the XC90 will be renamed Embla. However, a recent trademark filing shows Sweden has taken legal action to register the EXC90.

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Perhaps the newly registered moniker will be used for the current model as Volvo plans to resume production. It’s even getting a facelift, which may come along with a pure electric derivative that will be called the EXC90. However, nothing is official at this point and this is all speculation on our part in an attempt to decipher the mystery.

Meanwhile, new patent images show a nice interior, although some parts are missing. Even so, we can easily say that the SUV will have a portrait-oriented infotainment and continuous air vent design. The lateral spokes of the steering wheel suggest that it will incorporate capacitive touch buttons, while the “floating” center console offers ample storage underneath. armrest.

It should be noted that the next-generation XC90 / Embla will only be a temporary flagship SUV as Volvo is preparing the full-size XC100 (will have a different name) which should be taken after the 2021 Recharge concept. It will also go electric as part of the company’s ambition to stop combustion engines altogether by the end of the decade. Volvo was one of the first automakers to announce plans to phase out ICE and embrace EVs entirely.

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