Price difference between diesel and gasoline reaches a maximum never seen in Spain

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The price difference between diesel fuel and gasoline reaches an all-time high in Spain, almost 30 euro cents per liter.

Price difference skyrockets

Diesel fuel variants were once cheap, so people were betting on buying diesel cars. However, for the first time in history the difference between diesel and gasoline is through the roof, reaching almost 30 euro cents per liter.

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Today October 17, from the portal Dieselogasolina.comshow that the liter of diesel achieved an average of 1,963 euros and the liter of unleaded gasoline 95 is paid at 1,768 euros (national average).

So the price difference between diesel and gasoline is at almost 30 cents per liter.PRICE DIFFERENCEThese values ​​on the portal are national averages, so you can get gas stations with slightly high prices and differences between diesel and gasoline that exceed 30 cents per liter.

Why is diesel now more expensive than gasoline?

Unlike previous times, refueling with diesel has become more expensive than gasoline, which, however, is not cheap at all.

The national average, with the discount of the Government it reaches 1.7 euros, so it is expected that by the end of the year it will be close to 2 euros. The factors that increase diesel are several.

Experts indicate that these increases are due to the imbalance in the current market, since oil should keep the amount fixed.

The Government has tried to minimize for many months the tax credits that apply to diesel. The aim is to make drivers dispose of this fuel.

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The evolution of diesel prices and other measures such as the Euro 7 standard, It can prevent diesel taxes from being increased so that gasoline sales exceed them.

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