Slight Changes To Our Comments Section Coming

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Our community of readers is more than just our most important asset. In addition to helping us stay afloat (thank you!), you help us improve. The Comments section under each post is where it happens. You fearlessly let us know when we did something right, if we slipped and, most importantly, your thoughts and opinions on various automotive topics at hand.

In a world where many sites have stopped the lines of communication for Comments, we decided to take it. This decision carries trade-offs, however, and one of them is page load speed. A fast website is good for everyone, so to help improve our site, starting Monday Comments can be accessed by tapping the “Comments” button just below the story. It should look like the button in the image above. Currently, the section opens automatically once you scroll down far enough.

This is just one of a number of changes we’ve made, but it will be the most visible. We hope you continue to contribute your thoughts and opinions under our articles and help us build this community. If you haven’t taken the opportunity to express yourself in the Comments, why not start now?

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