Terror in Sonora: They burn and shoot cars in the Rosario Tesopaco municipality (+ Video)

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Violence unleashed in Sonora, armed criminals shoot and burn vehicles in the Municipality Rosario Tesopaco from Mexico.

Burning of cars in the municipality of Rosario Tesopaco

Citizens of the Rosario Tesopaco municipality suffered moments of anguish and terror, when armed groups clashed from night until dawn today, shooting and setting cars in the sector on fire.

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The inhabitants of the Mexican municipality endured moments of extreme violence 90 kilometers from Ciudad Obregón.

Several groups of armed criminals clashed in a constant shootout all night without caring about the residents of the municipality.

The Sonora Prosecutor’s Office reported that one person lost his life during the armed confrontations.

At least two motor units were destroyed in fires caused by criminals and the facade of a hotel has several impacts from high-caliber projectiles.

A group of minors who were practicing in a nearby sports field recorded the event.

“Come on, run him down here”indicated one of the minors who was recording the event, while in the background the screams of the rest of the young people are heard.

The video shows how a group of young people runs through the field to take refuge from the fact, after the constant shooting.

The inhabitants reported that the communication lines were destroyed by the criminals.

Writing by Gossipvehiculos/Source: www.am.com.mx