The Burnside Is A Convenient Teardrop Camper Trailer With Twist

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The big luxury RVs are fantastic of course, and the self-made camper vans are immaculate. But there’s also a minimalist segment filled with tiny tear-jerking trailers that can follow off-roaders anywhere. Oregon-based Aero Teardrops has a new model called The Burnside, and while the front is all about that iconic teardrop shape, the back is a bit more square.

Our purpose at all box. That’s why Aero Teardrops dubbed this camper the squaredrop, but the combination of tear and square offers several advantages. Among other things, there’s room inside for an extra large bed that offers plenty of headroom wherever you sleep. It also creates a large enough kitchen at the back for cooking and storing. The base model leaves the kitchen wide open with countertops and storage, but options include a built-in stove and plug-in cooler, among others.

Burnside Squaredrop Camp Trailer
Burnside Squaredrop Camp Trailer
Burnside Squaredrop Camp Trailer

The Burnside comes standard with a 12-volt deep cycle battery for power and rides on a 3,500-pound Timbren suspension system. It also uses a rear stabilizer jack on the back and plugs in for 120 volt shore power. Inside, the aforementioned bed is part of the standard package along with LED lights, a ceiling fan and multiple USB ports. In its basic form, the 14-foot-tall camper trailer weighs 1,250 pounds dry.

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While Burnside’s base model is a minimalist camper, Aero Teardrops offers plenty of options to significantly dress it up. The roof fan can be swapped out for air conditioning, and a propane-powered stove is available for all-season camping. Several awnings are offered, along with portable solar and panel wiring kits, roof racks, roof awnings, interior bunk beds, swing tables for the kitchen, and more. 10 different color options are offered at no extra cost.

Burnside has a base price of $14,559 according to the company’s online configurator. Options can push a trailer beyond $20,000, but compared to a multimillion-dollar luxury rig or wild custom camper, it presents a simple camping solution for those adventurous on or off the beaten track.

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