The monster among SUVs exists, it’s called Rezvani Vengeance and you can already buy one

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That good taste is not bought by money is something that at Diariomotor we have been able to verify on many occasions and today we are going to discover one more example. Under the intimidating name of Rezvani Vengeancethe American manufacturer returns to life to a true monster of the road, an SUV with the look of a military vehicle designed for all those who want to drive the most feared car in the neighborhood. An SUV that is certainly not suitable for lovers of discretion.

Starting from a Cadillac Escalade of the latest generation, Rezvani carries out an extensive redesign work consisting of the exterior recast of the already huge Escalade. The result speaks for itself, revealing a Vengeance that could easily pass for a Mad Max vehicle or any space adventure. We are before a design that seeks to offer a clearly military look, introducing geometric shapes, reducing the glazed surface and showing off an excess of muscle that will make you never go unnoticed again. to older, Rezvani even offers the possibility to install a real armor kit.

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Curiously, the interior does not receive this redesign, limiting itself to introducing specific emblems and upholstery to the buyer’s taste. Namely, from doors inwards this Rezvani Vengeance is clearly a Cadillac Escalade in 7 or 8 seater configurationwhich in return allows you to maintain the technology, space and quality of the huge American luxury SUV.

On a technical level, Rezvani allows its customers to choose up to 3 different propulsion configurations, all available on the Escalade. We talk about gasoline engines 6.2 V8 capable of developing powers of 426 or 700 CVin addition to a more efficient 3.0 V6 diesel engine with 281 hp. The transmission for all these mechanics is automatic, by torque converter and with 10 relations, being able to choose if we prefer rear or total traction.

Those interested in getting hold of a Rezvani Vengeance should know that Rezvani is already accepting orders for his monstrous work, asking for $249,000 in return. And surely, it won’t take long to see him co-star in the video clip of more than one RAP or Regaeton singer.

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