The Renault 4 has returned to give life to an electric SUV that you can buy in 2025

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The Renault 4 is back! The return of the mythical Renault model is official, a return for the 4 cans that fills us with nostalgia, but also with surprise to discover that it will give life to a compact size electric SUV in the purest Renault Captur style. Scheduled for launch in 2025, the Renault 4EVER Trophy is the first preview of the new production Renault 4discovering what its neo-retro design will be like and how it will seek to reinvent the philosophy of the well-known 4.

After the bombshell that was the discovery of the return of the Renault 5, now the French firm repeats the formula to discover the return of the Renault 4. That family car launched in 1962 that mobilized millions of families in urban and rural environments, wants to return to the streets adapting its philosophy to the demands of the new times, an idea that comes to life through this Renault 4EVER Trophy prototype that was presented at the Paris Motor Show that opened its doors today.

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The Renault 4 will become an electric SUV that will be on the streets in 2025

With a very striking exterior design, the French manufacturer presents us with a bodywork with clear off-road airs, hence the nickname Trophy that has been used to refer to this prototype. Renault wants the new 4 to be a tribute to the original model, but also an adaptation of its approachwhich is why it will maintain a vision of a versatile and all-terrain car that is now defended by SUVs.

Analyzing the aesthetics of the Renault 4EVER Trophy, what we find are clear nods to its predecessor as evidenced by the design of the front grille, the LED emulation of round headlights, the side view of two volumes with a recognizable third window and a pronounced drop for the tailgate or the use of rear lights with LED technology which are clearly inspired by the pilots of the original Renault 4.

But if we look beyond its design, this Renault 4EVER Trophy hides a production model that will be developed on the CMF-BEV platform which will also give life to the electric Renault 5. The new Renault 4 will be on the streets in 2025with only 100% electric versions and a single body positioned within the B-SUV segment, which is where Renault currently has the Captur.

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If we pay attention to the measures of this concept, we find that the Renault 4EVER Trophy perfectly complies with that B-SUV positioning, as it declares a length of 4,160 mm and a wheelbase of 2,570 mm. In fact, if we compare it with the current Captur, this Renault 4EVER is slightly smaller since the current Captur has a length of 4,227 mm and a wheelbase of 2,639 mm.