The Tuned Mercedes-AMG GT Looks Unstoppable At The Nurburgring

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Straight from the factory, the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series is a very impressive machine, including being one of the fastest cars in the world around the Nürburgring Nordschleife. German tuner Opus aims to make it even better. This video covers an average engine walk and two laps in heavy traffic around the ‘Ring.

The Opus-tuned AMG GT Black Series has revisions that push engine output to 880 horsepower (656 kilowatts), versus 720 hp (537 kW) from the factory. A representative from the company only offered a few details about the tweak. There’s a new exhaust that includes a sport catalytic converter, and a redline of about 400 rpm higher.

This tuner actually has a 1,111-hp (829-kW) tone for the Black Series. The problem is that so much power is too much for this car in the Nordschleife. It would be fine to walk in a straight line, but that’s not the point of this vehicle.

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The suspension setup is different, but the shocks are stock. This car uses Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R tires. This is a tougher compound version, which is better when driving in warmer temperatures. This rubber still only lasts about 20 to 25 laps on the track.

Lukas of Opus said the car had a time of 6 minutes 46 seconds around the Nordschleife. As an illustration, the best lap of the AMG GT Black Series stock is 6:43.61.

The video host takes the first round around the Nordschleife. It’s impressive how quickly he got used to the car. Obviously, this fellow was familiar with ‘The Ring’, but he could still comfortably pass through traffic on the narrow road after only a few bends.

Then it was Luke’s turn. Unfortunately, his lap happened when the Nordschleife was full of traffic. Slower vehicles are supposed to pull to the right when faster traffic is in front of them, and the etiquette is to use a turn signal to show this. However, many people during this run did not do that. The situation caused Lukas to have a slower time, but he was able to highlight his skills in negotiating tight tracks.

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If you want to see what the AMG GT Black Series can do in the ‘Ring’, check out this video: