This is How the Koenigsegg CC850 Manual Transmission Works

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There are many elements that make the Koenigsegg CC850 such a special machine, but the transmission is one of the most interesting parts. The gearbox has a clutch that allows the driver to operate things like a six-speed manual. However, there are also slots in the gated layout that allow the transmission to function as a nine-speed automatic. Techniques Explained shows how this complex setup works in a new video.

Usually, manual gearboxes have a clutch which is operated by the driver with his left foot. Pressing the pedal and moving the shifter allows it to swap through gears.

The transmission in the CC850 has seven clutches, and the system controls them electronically. When you shift gears, the technology handles single clutch operation. Meanwhile, the operation of your foot pedal modulates the signal to the other.

The result is a high-tech shift-by-wire version. Technically, the operation is done electronically, but the operation of the clutch is not just on or off. Instead, the pedal acts like a hydraulically assisted unit. In theory, this means that driving the CC850 feels like moving another manual gearbox.

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There is a D position on the right and under the reverse gear. Placing a gearshift here causes the transmission to operate like an automatic and use nine ratios.

If you switch from D to R, the CC850 will reverse without needing to use the clutch. However, if you move from one of the numbered positions to R, then a clutch is required.

To add another layer of complexity, the manual gear ratio changes depending on the driving setting. In track mode, the gear that would be third in auto mode becomes the ratio for the first gear position. The advantage is that the system chooses the best ratio for the condition.

The CC850 uses a twin-turbo 5.0-liter V8 producing 1,185 horsepower (884 kilowatts) at the gas pump or 1,385 hp (1,033 kW) on the E85. No performance specs are available, but this car should be pretty fast with so much power.

After the vehicle’s debut during Monterey Car Week, Koenigsegg decided to increase production of the CC850. Rather than the original plan to build 50, the company announced plans to assemble 70 of them.

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For an in-depth discussion of the CC850, check out this episode Chatting About Cars:

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