This is the best-selling high-end plug-in hybrid in Spain, which also has a plug-in diesel version

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The electrification is penetrating. At least in the high-end car. Otherwise it would not be explained the third plug-in hybrid that adds a greater volume of registrations in Spain so far this year is a premium product of the star brandfrom Mercedes Benz.

An SUV, which has its corresponding plug-in hybrid version, which has just been renewed and which, thanks to its range of engines and the incorporation years ago of a sportier bodywork, called the GLC Coupé, whose renewal will take place next year, has become also in the best-selling model of Mercedes in Spain.

This is the best-selling high-end plug-in hybrid in Spainthe Mercedes GLC.

The best-selling high-end plug-in hybrid in Spain

As we told you, The Mercedes GLC is among the best-selling plug-in hybrids in Spain, with 1,363 units registered so far this year, and only surpassed by the Peugeot 3008 (2,020 units) and the Lynk&Co 01 (1,976 units). One in four Mercedes GLC units that are registered in Spain are plug-in hybrids. And the GLC and GLC Coupé range is the best-selling Mercedes-Benz in our country, with 4,770 units, surpassing the sales of the A-Class range (4,659) and Mercedes GLA (3,670 units).

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The success of the Mercedes GLC, and its plug-in hybrid versions, also lies in a range in which there was room for a gasoline plug-in hybrid320 hp, and also an unprecedented and exclusive solution from Mercedes-Benz, a diesel plug-in hybrid 306 hp. Both versions are still available, above €70,000, in the Mercedes GLC Coupé, whose renewal will take place next year.

The price range in which the Mercedes GLC is located, which starts at close to €60,000 in its access version, and which exceeds €70,000 in its plug-in hybrid versions, give even more value to these figures. The Mercedes GLC plug-in outsells plug-in hybrid versions of high-volume models like the Tucson or Kuga.

The Mercedes GLC is renewed and continues betting on the plug-in hybrid

The Mercedes GLC has just been renewed, with a new generation that, without revolutionary advances, has improved in all areas to continue enjoying the commercial pull that the figures that we mentioned earlier reflect. In the video test of my partner Sergio, which you can see on these lines, we tell you our impressions of this SUV.

And, of course, plug-in hybrids will continue to be the backbone of the GLC range, with two petrol and one diesel plug-in hybrid alternatives. Mercedes-Benz has also opted for a plug-in hybrid solution with a high-capacity 31.2 kWh battery, with which the electric range of these versions ranges between 118 and 130 kilometers.

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At its launch, the Mercedes GLC is available with a version 300e, gasoline plug-in hybrid, which delivers 313 hp of power, with a price of 74,925 euros. And soon there will be a version 400egasoline plug-in hybrid, which already reaches 381 horsepower, and a 300 ofdiesel plug-in hybrid, 335 hp.

If we focus on the premium segment, we find other plug-in hybrid alternatives that are among the ten best-selling models in Spain for this technology. The DS7 Crossback ranks eighth, with 967 plug-in hybrid units registered in 2022, and is perhaps the most original and striking alternative thanks to the design that DS has been able to imprint on its products. On the other hand, the Volvo XC40 is the tenth best seller, with 930 plug-in hybrid units registered in 2022.

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