Twitter says Elon Musk is being investigated by federal authorities

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Twitter claimed that Elon Musk He is under investigation by federal authorities for his behavior in your purchase attempt of the company by 44,000 million dollars.

Despite the positive decision to carry out the acquisition of Twitter, the information about the alleged investigations came to light in a recent court filing from the social media giant.

The company maintains that in September, the billionaire’s lawyers provided a “privilege log» of documents that would not be turned over as discovery for the failed settlement trial.

The aforementioned records referenced drafts of a May 13 email to the US Securities and Exchange Commission and a slide presentation to the Federal Trade Commission.

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The filing asked Delaware judge Kathaleen McCormick to order Musk’s attorneys to release the documents on October 6, but the hearing was halted that day, after the world’s richest man change his mind and proceed with the purchase agreement.

Reuters reported that the SEC previously questioned Musk, including whether he revealed his 9% stake on Twitter too late and why he had said he would be a passive shareholder. The SEC asked Musk in June whether it should change its public filing to reflect plans for suspend or abandon the planned purchase of the company.

The FTC also investigated Elon for failing to comply with antitrust reporting requirements that confirm the intentions of a investor of being a passive or active shareholder.

Now, Elon Musk has until October 28 to complete the purchase of Twitter and, if not, both sides will go to trial in November.

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