Two Spanish tourists die in Turkey after fatal hot air balloon accident: three others were injured

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A fatal accident caused the death of two Spanish women who were enjoying a hot air balloon ride.

The authorities believe that it was the strong wind that caused the terrible outcome, where Two Spanish women from Catalonia have died and three more women of the same nationality have been injured this Tuesday morning during the rugged descent of a hot air balloon in Nevsehirone of the districts that make up the well-known region of Cappadocia.

Among the information it was learned that the Government Delegation, which has assured in a statement that there is no fear for the lives of the survivorshas announced the opening of an investigation.

Likewise, other Spanish diplomatic sources have reported that its consul in Ankara has traveled to Nevesehir to care for the victims and their families. As for the three injured tourists, all of them Catalan, one has been discharged. Meanwhile, the other two remain hospitalized with an uneven prognosis. Consular sources have confirmed the identities of the deceased: Maria Cristina Baltrons, 62, and Dolors Masana, 64.

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The police authorities of the Turkish country have indicated that the damaged hot air balloon was owned by a private company. in the traveled 28 passengers Y two crew members. The device took off at 7:25 local time -one hour less in the Iberian Peninsula- from the famous Zelve ruins, near where the Fairy Chimneys are located.

For reasons that are still being investigated, but that a priori, according to official sources, are related to a strong wind that suddenly rose in the area, the balloon had to make a forced landing in the municipality of Kavak around 8:50. Shortly after touching down Numerous ambulances were dispatched to assist those affected.

As a result of this, Abdullah Inal, representative of the company that owns the balloon, has added to the Turkish agency IHA that the Spanish tourists “fell out of the basket” during the landing maneuvers, before these are over.

The iconic region of Cappadocia, in the heart of Anatolia, is one of the most popular destinations among foreigners visiting Turkey.

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