Volvo EX90 Will Use Radar To Detect Children, Pets Left In SUV

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The Volvo EX90 debuts on November 9, and when the cover breaks, it will be equipped with sensors. Volvo has announced that the new electric crossover will feature an interior radar system designed to detect people – especially children – and pets left inside the SUV.

Volvo bills the new crossover as a vehicle that will understand the driver and his surroundings. The new interior radar system, which will be standard on the EX90 and available on future Volvo models, integrates sensors throughout the cabin, including the trunk, placing them on the top console, reading lights and other areas to provide a complete cabin. scope.

The system is activated when the driver tries to lock the door, checking for movement in the vehicle. According to Volvo, the radar is sensitive enough to detect sub-millimeter movement, such as the shallow breathing of a sleeping toddler. If the system detects motion, it will not allow the car to lock. Instead, a message on the center console screen will remind the driver to check the vehicle for passengers. If passengers or pets remain in the car, the EX90 climate control system can operate as long as there is sufficient charge in the battery.

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“We have always been at the forefront of safety, and we want to continue to protect lives by setting new standards in automotive safety,” said Lotta Jakobsson, Volvo’s senior technical specialist in injury prevention. “With the help of cutting-edge technology, we will support you when you are not at your best and help you avoid accidentally leaving a family member or pet behind.”

The new radar system will work alongside several other technologies that Volvo will introduce in the EX90. On the outside, the EX90 will feature 16 ultrasonic sensors, eight cameras and five radars. Inside, Volvo will train the driver’s cameras and sensors to detect their alertness and ensure the driver is driving the vehicle safely. If the system detects an unresponsive driver, it stops the EX90 and asks for help.

The EX90 will serve as a brand electric replacement for the XC90. This summer’s patent image showcases the design of the model, with the new SUV not straying far from the current XC90’s design language. Volvo previously said that the XC90 would still be produced and sold alongside the new EV.

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