VW ID. Xtreme Concept Debuts As An AWD Electric Off-Roader

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About a month ago, Volkswagen launched the 2023 ID.4 with a starting price of $38,790 for the new base model. The German company is now reviewing what an electric crossover can do on paved roads with a few modifications. With the ID. The Xtreme concept unveiled today at Locarno, VW will likely see factory upgrades and accessories that are expected to be available to customers soon.

The engine is based on the ID.4 GTX which means it has all-wheel drive and software modifications increase peak power by 87 horsepower (65 kilowatts) to 382 hp (285 kW). The concept uses 18-inch off-road wheels that are rally-ready and sit higher off the ground compared to the production GTX ID.4. Additional crashes and a modified front bumper create a visually stronger front fascia, while a 50-millimeter wider front fender completes the off-road look.

On the roof, there is now additional LED lighting placed in a dedicated bar. Further protection for the body while on the trail is provided by a full aluminum underbody cover. A special aluminum shield also extends under the front bumper.

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Volkswagen has also developed a special driving sound that is emitted to the outside of the vehicle via a sound generator in the wheel housing. We don’t know exactly what this sound is, but we think it has been designed to give the zero-emissions vehicle a little more adventure. Inside the cabin are new applications in the form of Alcantara inserts, new seats and new orange accents.

Volkswagen says the vehicle has been developed based on an existing ID.4 test vehicle, which is converted into what you see in the attached gallery keeping the original battery pack. Responsible for this project is Andreas Reckewerth of the Volkswagen Development department. “Ade by fans at Volkswagen for ID. fans,” the concept is not planned to receive a production version at this time.

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