What is the simple note of a car, and why you should always ask for it if you are going to buy a second-hand car

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Many people choose to buy a used car over a new one. Usually it’s because they don’t have a big budget and they can find cars that are more or less good for less money. The problem is that in this way to get a car there are many scams. In order to prevent them from selling us a car that has debts and transferring them to us, we can ask a simple note of the vehicle to check that everything is in good condition. If you don’t know what a simple note is, in this article we explain it to you in case you ever have to ask for one.

What is a simple note?

A simple note is a document in which the Movable Property Registry can publicize the legal status of a property or a vehicle. It is basically a summary of the data of a car.

Before getting a second-hand car, it would be good if you asked for his simple note just in case.

This note it is merely informative, Its main function is to let the buyer know if this vehicle has any debt.

Who can request a simple note?

Simple notes are public documents so you can apply any person with a legitimate interest, that is to say that you are interested in knowing the charges, debts or limitations of the vehicle you want to buy. When requesting the simple note we can know the history of the car.

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Where can we ask for a simple note?

We have several ways to request a simple note:

  • Can request it in person at the Movable Property Registry, presenting a petition and accompany it with our ID or passport.
  • We can also ask by mail or ordinarythe request must also be accompanied by a photocopy of our DNI and we must indicate how we are going to withdraw the Note, whether personally or by a third party.
  • Another way to do it is electronically through the website of the Association of Registrars

What information do we have to provide so that they give it to us?

To request a simple note of a car we will have to give the chassis number and license plate. Although it is true that the license plate would be enough, with the chassis number we will avoid possible scams due to license plate changes to hide charges of the vehicle that we are going to buy. The combination of both data allows us to avoid this problem.

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We will also be asked the reason why we want to obtain the simple note and in the case of requesting it electronically, we will be asked for our personal information such as name, surname, email, telephone number, address…

Once we have provided all the information requested, we will have to pay the corresponding fee, in this case it will be 9 euros. then it will come to us an email with a link that will take us to a web page where we can download the simple note in PDF format.

Providing the chassis number will be better when requesting the simple note of the car.

What information does a simple note contain?

When we request the simple note of a car, it will include the following data:

  • The make and model of the car, as well as the registration.
  • The frame number.
  • Owner’s name of the car.
  • The installment sales contracts by the financial institution if they exist.
  • The leases or financial leases on the vehicle.
  • rental contracts, such as renting.
  • Records of liens and claims on the vehicle.
  • Ordinary sales of personal property and its conditions.

So if you want to buy a second-hand car, ask for the simple note first so you don’t get scared or scammed.

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