Why is there smoke coming out of the engine and a burning smell?

Why is there smoke coming out of the engine and a burning smell?

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smoke coming out of car engine

Many times, we have found in our car some fault in the middle of the road or when starting the vehicleand we run into the question of what is happening or how I can solve it.

That said, we want to tell you that you have come to the right place, because in today’s article we will tell you a little about the car engine and its possible failures and solutions.

Why does my car smell burnt?

A general maintenance or checkup of your truck is essential to know what anomalies or future problems the car could present, you may be wondering, but why? Well, as time goes by, plus the continuous use of some devices, brings with it some wear or deficiency in it. Like for example a defect in the motor.

Its faults are reflected directly from the exhaust pipe, we must always look at it to detect any symptom, such as the smoke pot.

In some cases, the smoke is a bit compact, this happens when the engine heats up and disperses a strong smell, it can also show uncontrolled temperatures, which means that the liquid is burning refrigerant.

If the smoke is less dense, and does not clear easily, it could have an injection fault, it could also be due to radiator problems. Other options could also be the following:

Thermostat faults

In this case, there is a possibility that the thermostat may have been left open, resulting in excessive fuel consumption. Or else, if the thermostat is closed, the engine will get hot, which leads to the engine damage from overheating.

There is smoke coming out of the engine and a burning smell - thermostat failure

To check this error you must take into account the following:

  1. The thermostat must be removed from the impeller
  2. Then look at the valve located inside
  3. You must make a mixture of water with vinegar in proportions 50/50, that is, in equal parts and spread this mixture on the device doing a cleaning
  4. After removing and cleaning it, place it in a pot containing boiling water
  5. And finally, put the thermostat in its place in the engine

If you see that following these steps it continues to fail, we recommend you go to your trusted mechanic

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The fans are not lighting well

It may happen, in some cases, that the fan of the car does not turn on, causing the vehicle to overheat, which means that there is a fault in the wiring.

It is advisable to examine the wiring constantly, the fans can come in two presentations (depending on the car), they can be fan clutch or electric.

There is smoke coming out of the engine and a burning smell - Fan clutch fan

Smoke comes out of the engine and smells of burning - Electric Fan

Lack of antifreeze (or water)

As there is a loss of anticoagulant in the winter time, the engine will stop heating up, and this will result in the freezing of its parts, which could stop the engine from starting.

If this happens, we cannot insist on starting the car because we will end up causing a fault in the circuits or there may simply be a break in the engine.

It is very important that constantly check this fluid in your engineespecially as the winter season approaches, so we would avoid these situations.

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