Why the influencer Heisenwolf is not still in jail for the crash that left 6 dead in Mexico

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the influencer heisenwolf caused a traffic accident in Mexico, which left six fatalitiesnevertheless is released. Here because.

Why is influencer Heisenwolf free?

Loved “N”is known as heisenwolf, achieving his fame as an influencer for videos. Six people lost their lives in a road accident after the youtuber hit their Chevrolet Camaro against a taxi on the Atlacomulco – Acambay highway.

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After a hearing held this Thursday in the judicial district of El Oro, it was determined that he would be released.

The event occurred on September 18, when the youtuber was driving his red sports car on the Pan-American highway, when he collided head-on with a taxi unit where six people were traveling, three men and three women, one of them 10 years old. age and all died.

On September 22 he was decreed freedom with reservations of law to Heisenwolfafter finishing the 48 constitutional hours on September 20.

The FGJEM He indicated that when he required surgery, he remained deprived of liberty after the events that occurred on September 18, in Colonia Bongoni, municipality of Atlacomulco.

Its main channel has almost 1.5 million subscribers, while the channels heisen wolf 2 Y heisen wolf 3 They have 136 thousand and 47 thousand subscribers.

His nickname derives from his admiration for Heisenbergprotagonist of the series breakingbad, who achieved great popularity thanks to his video series of “3 minutes or less”, where it covers topics such as “otaku”the “whitexicans” and the “e-girls”.

He is known for his “memology” (videos in which he explains the origin of memes), for his video essays “.RAR” and for the podcast “Alch no one asked you.”

His channel description reads: «I hate many things in life, and in general I know that it is unfair, painful, but what better than sharing that pain TOGETHER and making it more enjoyable, this channel is to be able to spend this time that we have in the best way, complaining about many things ”.

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