You may not like the new M2, but you’ll be happy to know that BMW M won’t be following in the footsteps of Mercedes-AMG

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We must recognize that BMW has been executing for a few years a series of movements of dubious taste, especially as far as design is concerned, but of course personality is not lacking in the Bavarian firm. And it is something that makes me particularly happy, especially in these dark times starring bland cars and mechanics in which, at most, there are four cylinders, even when we talk about sports cars like the new Mercedes-AMG C 63 S. Well, breathe calm, because BMW has said that it will not pass through that ring with its M models.

And although it is true that electrification will be inevitable in BMW sports cars, cylinders should not drop below six. Or at least this has been confirmed by the president of the council of BMW M Franciscus van Meel, information that the magazine has echoed Carbuzz.

No four and three cylinders in future BMW M models

“Could the six-cylinder in-line one day disappear in favor of a three-cylinder?” van Meel was asked at the BMW M festival held at the Kyalami circuit, South Africa, and to which he answered emphatically that “I hope it is a rhetorical question, because it is very clear that we are not going to work with three-cylinder engines. What’s more, we didn’t even consider making a four-cylinder M car,” to which he added that “despite knowing that other companies are doing it, we won’t do it.”

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And with “other companies” refers primarily to Mercedes-AMG, who is on everyone’s lips for the new C 63 SE Performance. And yes, BMW has an M135i with a four-cylinder in its ranks, but they hide behind the fact that this is not an M to use, but an antechamber, and since there is not going to be a more radical variant of its compact, we are not going to put doubt his word.

Be that as it may, BMW has also confirmed that Newcomer BMW M2 It will be the last model of the division to resort to a mechanic without electrification. And that is the price to pay for continuing to show off large-displacement engines as the BMW XM has shown, which uses a hybrid V8.

What does this imply? That although the next BMW M5, M8, M3 and M4 are hybrids, they will be able to continue sporting a V8 and a six-cylinder in their guts respectively, something that some of its competitors cannot say. And it is that although we already know where the steps of future AMG models will go, we still need to know Audi’s move, which will inevitably resort to hybridization.

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Perhaps BMW is not the brand that is hitting the most right now with the designs, but yes with giving personality to their cars both in aesthetics and in mechanics. And I insist, it is something extremely transcendent in these dark times in which the lack of personality in the hands of insipid vehicles is everyday’s bread.