Young man on a bicycle travels kilometers to return a wallet and receives a car as a reward

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A great gesture was experienced in Hawaii where a young man traveled miles to return a wallet and received a car in return.

The wallet belongs to Chloé Marino, a woman who lost it while shopping with her five-year-old son in a supermarket in Kahului, Hawaii.

Aina Townsend, a 22-year-old security guard found her and decided to ride a bicycle to Marino’s home to deliver her documents.

He traveled kilometers to deliver a wallet and they thanked with a car

According to Clarín, the young traveled about 5 kilometers until you reach your destination. The fact took Chloe by surprise, who had not even realized that she had lost her bag.

Fortunately, the woman recovered her documents, since she had planned take a family trip in the coming days. The fact moved the family, so grey, Chloe’s husband decided to share the story on Facebook.

«She literally got on her bike to return her wallet… It was totally filled with everything important to her (Chloe), including cash. Nothing was more moving“, he recounted.

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While Chloe said: “she definitely went out of her way for a complete stranger which was so awesome«.

To thank her for her actions, Gray’s friends held a fundraiser with the aim of giving Aina a car. They raised 25 thousand dollars and bought a vehicle for the young man.

“It’s not just about having better transportation. Now I can do more things for my family. That’s the most important part of the picture.” Aina thanked.

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