This SUV is spacious, comfortable and as cheap as a Dacia Duster, but is it worth it?

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If you think of a cheap SUV, possibly the car that quickly comes to mind is the Dacia Duster. But unfortunately, the Duster has been one of the hardest hit by inflation in new cars. Years ago you could buy a Duster for just over 10,000 euros, but today you have to pay more than 17,000 euros to access a basic version. Now, what if I told you that there is another SUV, almost as spacious, comfortable and cheap as the Dacia Duster, and with better benefits? Is it worth your purchase?

That SUV is the Skoda Kamiq. An SUV somewhat more framed in the B segment than the Dacia Duster, but with an interior as spacious as that of the Romanian, as well as better finished and built with higher quality materials. It measures 4.24 meters long – it is 10 cm shorter than the Duster – and it is easier to move in urban traffic, although it is true that its dimensions leave its trunk in 400 liters, 45 liters less than the equivalent Duster. The key difference, in my opinion, is in their mechanics.

The offer version of the Skoda Kamiq currently starts at 18,450 euros.

The cheapest Dacia Duster is equipped with a 1.0 TCe engine three-cylinder and 100 hp, compatible with both LPG and gasoline. It is a very fair performance engine, with a 0 to 100 km/h of almost 14 seconds. For its part, the Skoda Kamiq of access equips a 1.0 TSI gasoline engine, a propeller of only 95 CV, but that allows a 0 to 100 km/h of 11.1 seconds, in addition to having a greater torque than the Dacia. This propellant allows more solvent performance, in addition to having a greater mechanical pleasure in its operation.

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Before answering the initial question, we have to talk about prices to put ourselves in context. The Skoda Kamiq on sale is priced at 18,450 euros – it is almost 2,500 euros more expensive than at the beginning of the year – and the cheapest Dacia Duster is currently priced at 17,440 euros. However, with comparable equipment, the base version of the Duster is priced around €200 more than the Skoda – with less packaging, and forgoing basics like alloy wheels or fog lights. However, you have to refine even more to see which car compensates more.

The offer version of the Skoda Kamiq has an 8-inch infotainment system, compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

If we opt for a Dacia Duster in Expression finish your bill would amount to 19,290 euros. But we must bear in mind that the price of the Dacia Duster is final with discounts, and at the price of the Skoda Kamiq we must add the cost of financing – a 48-month financing in which at least 15,000 euros are financed and the APR amounts to 11.81%. Therefore, the total price of the vehicle, in installments, would amount to almost 22,000 euros. If we financed the purchase of a Duster in Expression finish, the total cost of the vehicle would be practically identical.

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Why are we going around and tuning so much? because in the end, the final price of the Dacia Duster Expression and the Skoda Kamiq Active is almost identical if we finance your purchaseas well as your equipment. And with equal prices and equipment, the decision is between the greater space of the Dacia Duster, or the best features of the Kamiq. Is there a tiebreaker? The tiebreaker can be in two factors: the Duster lacks active safety elements such as lane departure warning, and the Kamiq lacks the ECO label of the Dacia Duster.

You will have to decide what is more important to you.

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Photos of the Skoda Kamiq

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